Matilda Jane Monday!

Some of you may know this but about 2 years ago I myself was a Trunk Keeper for Matilda Jane Clothing. It was fun to do it with my girls when they were 2 and 6 (I did it about 2 years). Paisley and Penley stopped wearing it and I honestly got so busy with my business One Stop Bow Shop I could’t focus on more than one company at a time. I am excited to say though after all this Paisley (who is 9 now) wants to be wearing MJ again! My heart is thrilled so that leads me to….look how cute Paisley is in her dress!

Guess what today is!? Not only is it Monday it is the new release of a Matilda Jane launch. I also have an open show with one of my favorite Trunk Keepers! Click here to shop my show and Follow Erin ( My TK on Instagram – here) she has amazing customer service! If you already have a Trunk Keeper that is awesome, but if you are in need for a really good one – she is great! Below are the color matches that you wait for each month. This month I am recommending these color matches! Shop all our Grosgrains here

Adorable Printed Bows for matching your favorite brand are here, if you are loving that Pumpkin one about that is our new Sugar Pie Pumpkin print and you can customize it right here! I will be getting more ribbon soon that matches Matilda Jane Clothing!

You can also buy it by itself not lined! I love this for fall for any outfit!

Did you know when you follow me on my Private Facebook Page there are surprises? It may just be time you go check that out. This last weekend I did a special for people who interacted with me on a video post. It was easy to do (promise – I like to keep things simple). I also did something special on Instagram. I love free… if you follow me any where you know that already. If you have ever ordered with One Stop Bow Shop you know that also (we give you all those flyers talking about it). Here is a secret no one knows yet (not even my staff) September 1st we start a new free bow giveaway to orders placed online (can you say Koala) oh I guess you can… yes it is a Koala print! Stay tuned in for that on the website.

Here is yet another example of something going on too… if you act quick you might be picked… click here Winner is announced today, so I am going to let you start clicking on that and I am going to get going on making my family breakfast! Happy Monday Friends. Love, Casey!

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