Yay! It is Friday… if you are reading this – we made it! Today I am going to show you orders that came in after Tuesday of this week! Yes, I know I say it each time but these orders are mostly videos on Instagram Stories and also on Facebook Stories too! It is fun to watch them there because not only do you hear my voice you get to learn way more than these photos show you. If you missed them I have them saved on my highlight area on my profile page of Instagram!

These orders were so beautiful I can’t believe I have the honor of sending amazing products out to you all! Thank you for supporting my small business… did you know in October I will have had One Stop Bow Shop for 10 years! Wow that is a lot of bow making. I am so happy that I have a staff that helps me get these wonderful bows to your doors. I bet you can’t think of more than 4 companies that you use that ship all their orders out within 4 days. I couldn’t be more proud about that either!

On another note… how about school…

Penley Working Hard on Music Class!

How are your kids doing in this virtual learning? Mine are doing okay. It isn’t the way I wanted Penley to start Kindergarten but it has to do. I am very hopeful that we get to go back after Labor Day. If school gets pushed back we will make it work of course. Got to be honest it isn’t the best way for my kids to learn and at the end of the day their little heads hurt. Both of my kids are doing their best to have a positive attitude and open heart.

Her bow is a size small!

Thursday morning Penley’s teacher said… hurry I want everyone to clean their rooms and make sure you bed is made. First one to send me a photo wins. Well here is Penley on her bed in her clean room. Guess what – her room was already cleaned and bed already made because well she loves doing that!

The last thing I want to show you is the September Bow Box! If you are new to One Stop Bow Shop – I offer this product called The Bow Box… it is a wonderful way to collect hairbows each month in a variety of sizes, colors and styles for a very affordable price.

Well here you have it! Cuteness!!! There are 2 bow box sizes to pick from here and if you want you can add on headbands (option from baby/toddler bands to big kid bands). The fun thing about this box is each time it shows up at your door it makes that little girl of yours smile! Buy one box or sign up for the subscription, either way we would love to have you try it out.

So there you have it a little long post for you to read while you start your morning coffee, now for me off to cook my children and Brandon some breakfast! See you on Instagram Stories later today! Love, Casey

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