It’s Monday!!! Yay, I am always excited for Mondays. It is a fresh start to a new work week! We had a great weekend at our house and I hope you all did also! Here is a small look into what we did.

The girls got to eat donuts in the car on the way to a birthday party! That was special for them… I mean it isn’t everyday we get to have donuts anymore. It takes a special event to go out… I also decided I would treat the girls to On The Border… look at those cute tortilla faces… I mean come on – those are the cutest mask I have seen all year!

Here are a couple of orders that shipped last Friday! Super cute. I can’t wait to show you what is shipping this week. As you know we offered Free Priority Shipping all weekend so we have a lot of order to show you this week!!! One Stop Bow Shop also has a great deal going for you right now also!!!

Well, this post totally was supposed to be posted this morning and I forgot to hit send! I hope you had a great day all day today! Make sure you click here to get this great offer! Love, Casey!

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