Wednesday Update

Yesterday I shared with y’all on Instagram Stories that the struggle is real… when I said this I meant for my kids and school – I am in the same boat as many of you. Torn on what to do on what is best for your kids, be at home, go to work, or in my case we do both each day. Our school will start in person on September 8th (super excited for this and hopefully this date does not get pushed back). I love love love my girls, HOWEVER they need to be in school and when I say need… I mean NEED. I shared yesterday that both of my children Paisley and Penley told their teachers they would rather be in the classroom then online. We are pushing through and we will make it work and we have the highest spirits about it. Penley (5 years old and in Kinder) told me after 4 assignments.. why mommy why did you make me do this… I just giggled at the statement. She followed up with I do love school though mommy. Here are my two big girls!!! Paisley is 9 and in 4th grade and Penley is 5 and in Kinder!

For many of you this might be something you are about to learn but for those of you who have followed me for a while or have tuned into the Instagram Stories lately you know that Paisley suffers from a vision problem. She was diagnosed with double vision last year (it was a long journey trying to find out that vision was her issue, she passed her vision test so we didn’t think it could possible be vision related). We went through 30 weeks of vision therapy… we have graduated from vision therapy but not in the clear… we went back for our 1 month check. I honestly thought they would be like yay she is good to go ( I mean we did all of our therapy during the month of being out of therapy so I thought all is well right)….WRONG… apparently we have 2 more months of really working her eyes at home in specific ways.

Basically Paisley still has a hard time diverting her eyes, she converts her eyes great after 30 weeks of training but up until last night she didn’t understand the meaning of what diverting was… so makes it hard to do, right. Here is what our vision therapy looks like currently. I am proud of her, she is an Allstar at this and she hardly ever complains about having to do it. Most of the time if she complains its things like her head hurts or brain hurts (overworking these muscles that connect from brain to eye are hard work and very exhausting on her).

In case you want to see something One Stop Bow Shop related here you go! These orders shipped out yesterday at the office and if you hurry you might be able to see them in our stories still… you can definitely find them in our highlights page on Instagram profile!

Well – above are the orders that shipped out Tuesday! Aren’t they lovely. I really like the variety of hairbows that are being ordered. It is so fun to see all of your orders and to video them. I really appreciate all of you giving me your feedback that you love them as well. Seeing your comments on social media melts my heart. I really love all of my customers and think of you all as friends. I hope you enjoyed seeing these orders and hope you tune into social media today! Love always, Casey.

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