So here we are… another Monday. If you haven’t paid attention to our Instagram Stories – this is what you missed. These orders right here shipped out Friday of last week. Do you see yours? Do you see something you like? If you have questions please ask! Ready to shop head to

Mondays are busy from catching up on orders from over the weekend. This week will be extra busy because two employees have kids going back to school and Paisley has her vision therapy check Monday afternoon. This will be our first full week of virtual learning as well. Last week was a half week and I just have to say I can’t wait to get my kids back into school. I love them… so much… but honestly they do so much better with a teacher. Paisley (9 years old) is doing great she is so cute she takes notes each day with what her teacher says and then she rewrites them in her “pretty journal” later that day. Penley is trying hard to pay attention to her teacher (5 years old) She is super sweet and always waits her turn to talk.

This weekend I decided I would treat my girls for their hard work at school by pampering them. Photos above are them having so much fun getting hair and nails done (don’t worry the hair dye already washed out in the pool).

This weekend was our first weekend back at church in a long time. It was so nice to get back to church. Now that I have showed you some orders that shipped last Friday and a little into the girls life it is time for me to get to work! Wish me luck – see you tomorrow friends! Love, Casey

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