I made it to Friday! I’m super excited for this weekend… in case you didn’t know this was our first week back at school (virtual learning). We started Wednesday and I had to readjust my work day for my kiddos learning. Totally fine of course they come first. I have a great staff who can manage the office.

If you missed the Instagram Stories yesterday here are the orders that went out! So many of them. If you see something you like and need to know what it is send me an email to with a screen shot or you can totally do this on direct message on social media as well.

So many wonderful orders were shipped yesterday. I can’t wait to show you the orders today. We are doing a 2 part of virtual learning around our house. First half of the day is at home then second half is at the office! This gives me the ability to get some work done each day. So be watching on Instagram and Facebook Stories for about 30+ orders to ship! I can’t wait for you to share comments like these to me!

When you find your order it is totally fun to send me a message it makes my day!!! Love you guys so much you don’t even know. Head over and look around the site there are so many fun finds! Have a wonderful day. Love, Casey

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