Today we start VIRTUAL LEARNING. This has been the LONGEST Spring Break of my life. I am sure yours too! We had a wonderful time off but now it is time to get these kids back to a schedule and somewhat of a normal life again. My girls are dressed and ready to learn… when we go back in 3 weeks into the school I will make sure they have their bows and shoes on don’t you worry! For now though I am okay with them not wearing schools to my virtual class!

Paisley is already set up in her room at her desk and Penley is in her room too. Funny story about why Paisleys bed is not made… I was relaxing in it this morning before her school started so don’t judge Paisley… judge me haha.

Well the day started off a little rocky – Penley had an issue with the speakers working on the computer but I fixed it fast (had to do 3 troubleshoots but we got it going) Also if you noticed we realized that her chair isn’t tall enough for her desk! BIG pillows to hold her up. Looks like I will be running to At Home down the street this afternoon to get her a new chair! What a wonderful first day for her though – look at that smile she has. Her teacher is super sweet and this will be a great year for her.

Now that school is back it will be awesome but mama needs to get a new routine too… one that works well with being able to get my work done as well and manage my business and my time with girls school login and out for meetings – plus have to make sure I get a workout in every now and then so I can preform well for everyone. It will be an interesting 3 weeks. I am so grateful I have employees back at work to help me!

Today I am working from home making bows for the September Bow Box. It takes a full month of making ahead for the next month because there are so many members. So grateful. If you haven’t tried a bow box you should. There is no commitment but it is fun to get it monthly and I suggest it! A wonderful way to collect hairbows! Click this link to view the August Bow Box (it is still shipping out) there is still time for you to grab it!

Well with all this talk about the bow box it is probably a good idea for me to go ahead and start making them again! Have a wonderful day!


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