I know it is Monday… it seems like I am always catching up on a Monday. Which is defiantly the case right now. As I sit here and input these photos and write these words I am telling myself… girl, you can only do what you can do. Thats why these photos were from Friday! So needless to say these bows are already on the way to lots of little girls who will really enjoy them. If you watch my Instagram Stories you have already seen them but if not I try to put all orders here too so you can see what’s selling. One day I will be able to type out what is in each order… today is not the day! Big LOL there because well I am still telling myself to have a little grace that I can’t magically do it all.

I know a lot of you are really enjoying watching the Instagram Stories (which you can also do on Facebook Stories as well) I will keep this up for sure. I get comments all the time that y’all are learning and loving seeing what others are ordering. I am glad it is something I started doing for y’all.

Today I have another full day of work. I have to make sure I stop by Paisley and Penley’s school to get their schedules and clock in times for the virtual learning (we start back up Wednesday, this has been the longest Spring Break of my life). I am excited to get them back on track and on a schedule and out of their PJS! Somewhere on this list I have to make sure we get the September Bow Box cut and start making it. I’ve never really told y’all this but it takes us about all month to make the next months boxes! It’s amazing and I feel very fortunate that we have so many subscribers that it takes as long as it does. A lot of planning goes into our Bow Boxes and it is a fun way to get 5 bows each month for one low cost! Did you know right now during my birthday sale you can save money even on The Bow Box (the first months box). It will come with a free bowholder and discount when you sign up! Make sure you use my birthday code: casey The code is good for 25% off everything (excluding the big bundle)…. a big discount and that ends on Wednesday so hurry and get to clicking to redeem codes from site!

As always I love our time together but I have to run if I am going to make time for my big to do list today! Love, Casey!

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