The moment you have been waiting for… the Ice Cream Bow from the July Bow Box is being released to the site TOMORROW. Guess what we have a surprise for you too… a second color. Yes, that is right. Two color options. Which will you pick! We can’t wait to see.

Velvet Bows are no longer a pre-order. You can buy them and we can ship them out now! Look at all the beautiful colors that we have for you. Click here to purchase. Some of the colors even have a matching hard headband. We are super excited about this. If you don’t see the color headband you want please email me and request it. If I get enough request for a color I can totally add to the collection. These bows are going to be adorable for FALL and WINTER!

That is right more headband options are coming to you! This is going to include some very cute hard headbands and printed elastics that you can now purchase as an interchangeable, sport band or even a hairtie!

That is right. It is time for the AUGUST BOW BOX. You can sign up right now! The Original Box is only $20 and the Big Box is $40 – that is an amazing deal for 5 handmade One Stop Bow Shop hairbows! Did you know you can even add on headbands. Yes, there are 2 options for that. PLUS a free BOWHOLDER when you subscribe!

I am so glad I got to tell you a little more about what is going on over at I hope you have enjoyed it. Now I must go upload a few products, do videos on your orders (watch on IG Stories), and pack your boxes!

Love Always, Casey

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