I can’t believe it’s already Thursday! Today is the last day that these Burlap Bows will be 50% off! Need one!? Head to site! Enter code: burlaptime to get the deal!

Here are some of our most recent orders. All ordered this week and already shipped out!! We are fast over at Everything is made to order and we ship out within 1/4 business days!

August Box was revealed yesterday here’s a link to our live video! I’m going to be honest the phone call in middle distracted me! But Paisley and Penley were the perfect models.

New bows are coming all the time to @onestopbowshop make sure you follow all our social media outlets to keep up and sign up for emails– you won’t regret it! In our stories on IG I went over some new items coming soon go check that out ASAP!!! Also while you are in Instagram checkout the highlight section!

A ton of new bows are coming to the site. Paisley is showing off the Apple Moonstitch!

I love being able to serve you! I honestly love each and everyone of you even though we are mostly strangers from the internet- it really doesn’t feel that way with all the comments you send and now the video answers I can do! I love seeing your photos and love being social with ya!

Have a happy Thursday- new styles to site later today!

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