Hello Tuesday

Yay! One Stop Bow Shop did it! We found a print for you to color all over. This bow will be great for party favors, art projects, something fun to do on a raining day or the perfect gift! Click here to grab yours. All you have to do is use machine washable markers and get to work. You can either machine wash this or jump right into the swimming pool! What a fun idea you can do over and over again.

If you haven’t looked at the Corduroy bows it is time to do so. Get stocked up on them now because fall outfits will be needing them right away. These are super cute and very stylish.

Make sure you get to the website this week because we have Burlap bows at 1/2 off. This literally only happens once a year. It is time to grab a Burlap or two!

Be watching for your orders today on Instagram Stories. @onestopbowshop has so many shipping out. If you didn’t order but want to see what is selling or want to learn I encourage you to head on over!

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