Orders Like So Many!

Wow, that is a lot of orders to ship out on a Tuesday. Yes, that is right all these photos are orders that went out yesterday. Did you know that I show videos of each order coming in and I tell y’all all about them on our stories on IG and Facebook! I have gotten amazing feedback from our followers on social that it is really helping them place orders. Also that it is fun to see what everyone else is ordering so they can see what is trending.

I have to go ahead and tell y’all…. there is a lot of new ribbon coming to OneStopBowShop.com – there is a link to the new item area on the site! Search all pages on there though because it doesn’t let me organize it by newest….

Some new things that are coming are Polka Dots, Halloween, Christmas and more Mix and Match Prints. I have to say I am excited about where One Stop Bow Shop is going.

One last thing before I go start my workday…. remember if you want something specially made like a mix and match print that you don’t see listed… just contact me! I will let you know if we can do it and I will also let you know how to place the order for it.

Happy Wednesday!

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