A huge release of things

First off I have to start with the Corduroy and the Velvet Bows. Man, aren’t they awesome. For years I have had customers ask me for Velvet. My answer was always no we don’t do that. Last week I wondered why, why don’t we do that? I thought at first it was because they always seem so weird looking (from other companies) that I didn’t know if I could make it up to standard of One Stop Bow Shop. Well guys, guess what! I did it. My staff and I can totally make the Velvet bow perky! If you know anything about One Stop Bow Shop… it is quality. I WILL NOT DO IT if I can’t make it right. When I say right I mean The Bow Shop way. We are not throwing bows together, we are not playing craft time, this is not a hobby. This is important. This is your hairbows we are talking about. I love what I do and of course that means you get the best quality products from OneStopBowShop.com

Some really great Halloween Bows were launched! More styles are coming soon to this category. We are also getting in a lot of Fall and Christmas Styles for you too. Be watching!!!!

If you haven’t heard the Grosgrain and the Grosgrain Classic bows are on sale… until Thursday! Head to site for the coupon code it is on the homepage.

A big release of school bows just went to the site also. Find all of our school styles here. This one is fun too… you can custom design colors for school here.

So many new and fun things are happening right here at your favorite bow shop.


  1. My mom asks me from time to time why I don’t just make the bows myself for my girls and I ALWAYS respond with “I pay for the quality! You can’t beat a OSBS bow!”


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