So this morning I thought I would get a lot done for the office… I’m currently working on packing orders! This promo that I launched is doing sooo good. If you are interested in getting a free bow for every $10 spent I would totally hurry up! I don’t know how much longer this will be going on…. I know I have a lot of people messaging me when do I have till? Girl, I am telling you now go ahead and order. This could stop at anytime!

This is just one of the huge orders that we have gotten over on the site

So while I’m doing all this boxing and my staff is busy making and cutting, I get a message from a sweet long time customer. She said hey can you make this (sends me a photo of a bow) I said well yah I can, I don’t have that style but I can totally make it. At first I wasn’t so sure but guys oh my gosh I made one and was sold!!! I am introducing to you our Equestrian Style!!! First in a ruffle to come soon more ribbon types!

I mean come on I know Paisley is cute…. but honestly that bow!!! Paisley even loved it she said Mom I totally need you to make me more of these. The colors she picked were: white, ivory, black, hot pink, pink and peach!!

Another photo of a huge order!!! Love you guys!!!

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