Look What We Did

One Stop Bow Shop did it… finally after so many years we created a PRIVATE FACEBOOK PAGE…. I know I should have done it sooner. I am sorry but you are welcome. So many have asked and I have finally found the time to get it going. Click Here to join!

In this group we will have so much fun, we will get to interact as a community! You can ask questions to fellow bow mamas, to me and even post your own photos into the group. I can’t wait to help y’all and to teach you all along the way. I would love your help growing the page. I am giving a free rainbow cookie bow to those who add 10+ people to the group! Wow I am all about free… I mean by now you all should know that LOL. All you have to do is message me after you add your friends, I will look into it and then message you back to see where you want me to send that free hairbow! I must must must mention you get to pick the size also: Large, Xlarge, Jumbo or Xlarge Jumbo!

Speaking of FREE…. Did you see the PROMO my website has right now?!? I mean it is better that the mystery boxes we do in the spring. Your free bows will be picked based off your order (what the staff thinks you might enjoy). Free is Fun!

IF you haven’t signed up for our emails… shame on you… haha jk … but really if you haven’t signed up you need to! Click here. You will get a COUPON & PDF download of all things #onestopbowshop

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