Exciting Stuff

I am super excited about these thin knit headbands! If you haven’t bought them yet and you have a baby or toddler that needs a headband shame on you… you really need them. These bands are SUPER SOFT! They are also adorable on. How they are pictured are as interchangeable and this just means that you can use our alligator slide hardware with them. All you do is slide the bow under that loop! I love it this way because you get to customize if you want to match or use two different colors together… meaning you could pick a pink bow and a white band or just go with a complete match of one color! If you wanted to you could buy them attached to a bow also, but remember if you do this then you loose the ability customize and the ability to keep the bow after you don’t need the band.

Okay… these bows are going to fly off the shelf when we launch them at 12 oclock today I just know it. Enjoy some Fresh Watermelon and some Spring Cherry Blossoms really soon. Click here to order and look under new products!

Here is another great new print! It is launching today at 12 also. I am super excited about this bow for a couple reasons… it comes in 6 sizes! That is right I said 6 sizes. This will be the FIRST TIME EVER that I have released a print in so many sizes. I took some time to thick about the name of the print… my thoughts were… candy store, candy stripes, lollipop stripes, lollipop rainbow and lollipop twist. I decided I liked Lollipop Stripes the best! Hope you love it too… click here and look under new products!

Maybe I should have started with this tid bit but this very adorable print is FREE RIGHT NOW! With orders over $10 – no coupon code is needed. I will add this Large size hairbow to your order at time of boxing and shipping it out! This offer ends on Sunday April 19th! This bow is not listed online, and honestly I haven’t decided if it will be so if you are thinking that bow is CUTE… then you better place an order over $10 now so you get that hairbow!

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