Time is all we have!

This is what happens every morning at our house. The girls wake up wrap themselves in a blanket and one or both dogs sit with them. If they would have put the leg rest out Harper would have been in that chair also. I always find this interesting that Bubbles (the little dog) will sit anywhere near Paisley in the morning. About 2 years ago Bubbles stopped liking Paisley. At first we thought maybe Paisley did something on accident. Honestly though if Paisley ever would have done something wrong she would have told me… now Penley on the other hand no way she would deny it even if I saw her do it. But back to my short story about Paisley and Bubbles… well there are short lived moments that Bubbles will like her. Most of the time she growls at Paisley. That right there is why Harper came along! Harper is going to be 2 in November and she is the sweetest thing ever! If you are ever stuck thinking what breed of dog should I get that will always be nice to my kiddo… the answer is a DOODLE! Harper is a Golden Doodle. We just love her.

Everyday Paisley has been writing to her teacher at school! It is called the Daily News… I am sure many of you have kids that are assigned to do this also. This photo is from yesterday when I was at work trying to get those Bow Boxes out for you all! Both Paisley and Penley did a lot of school work while I was working don’t worry and don’t judge either! Someone has to go in and ship out your bows! My office is safe for the kiddos we are the only ones there and then we go straight home.

Last night for dinner I was kinda in a hurry. I thought I was going to make one of these recipes that I had planned on Pinterest… it was a Salisbury Meatball but then I noticed all my hamburger meat was frozen 😦 I totally forgot I ran out of fresh meat. So I made this recipe instead for Unstuffed Peppers. Totally worth it- the only two things I did different with the recipe instead of 2 cups of tomato sauce I used 1 can… we aren’t like super tomato type of people so I got nervous using that much! The other thing I did was put in diced Jalapenos. It is something you should cook though for sure! I paired it with Jalapeno Rice.

Enough of personal talk… time for a little bow talk. Above photo is the Pink Tulips this bow is one of my new favorite items. It comes in 4 sizes and every size is cute on.

Yesterday I shipped over 75 boxes out… It was a big big day. Many of you were asking for some Matilda Jane Matches like we used to do each month… Well guess what I took the time to make you a couple photos of what goes with it the main pieces…. I love the colors that Matilda Jane Clothing went with this month! Click here to buy some matching hairbows… for some of your favorite pieces you bought.

This week we made a wonderful Peanut Butter Pie. I know you are thinking it… Peanut Butter in a pie? Yes!!! We did do this recipe right here! Paisley took 100 hairbows from my office yesterday and said she was going to hang them up in her room and wear a bow everyday. This bow is super cute its the cow print bow… it isn’t listed yet – but coming soon. Don’t you just love it for pigtails? They are size large. So when they do get listed on the site buy 2 large so that your kiddo can look as cute as mine!

The girls have been coming up with new games to play… I guess you can only play so many rounds of Monopoly, Pictionary, OOOPPS and all the other kid games before you say alright that is enough what is next…. Well this is next and you should totally try this in your house too! The girls went into the fridge and pantry and grabbed some things they like and don’t like to start with. They went upstairs and grabbed 2 little people as their game pieces. They grabbed a dice to roll with. Here is how the game goes. Start in the same spot as the rest of the players. Youngest player goes first. Roll and whatever you land on you have to try. It is that simple. It was sure funny watching the girls eat random things by themselves… the Ketchup was my favorite to watch Penley eat. I hope they play this game again!

Like the title above states… time is all we have. It is true. It is nice to have the girls around so much for sure… it really does feel like summer around our house… minus the I make them do some school work! We are trying to keep a routine at our house too… the first 2 weeks we let the girls stay up as long as they wanted but these last two weeks we have decided NO WAY we have to have a routine around this house. This is our new normal. I hope your new normal is going your way!

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