Tuesday Talk

Have you ever ordered our Bow Box!? Let me just tell you all about it if you haven’t… because you are really missing out. The Bow Box is a fun way to collect hairbows! You get 5 bows for a low cost! Each month we release 5 new bows. It is a mix of sizes and styles. You get 2 casual bows, 2 classy bows and 1 cute bow. The cute bow is a fun printed hairbow! The best part is you can sign up for it to come monthly! But of course you can get one box at a time by going to the website and just clicking on just this month.

April Bow Box – The Original

Do you have a baby or toddler with no hair? Guess what you can totally add on headbands to your bow box. These are the bands we pick for the April Box. You can get them as interchangeables like in photo (meaning you slide the bow onto the band) or you can purchase it with the bow attached.

Above is the Bigger Bow Box! I like this box because the bows range from Xlarge – Xlarge Jumbo so you are getting those big bows that we know you all love!

If you have a daughter like either of mine they love a good headband. Sometimes my kids wear these bands by themselves…. but it is super easy to slide the bow into these bands and create your own custom look! The April Bow Box is a great way to add Spring hairbows to your collection. You should totally order a box.

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