Another week in the books

Favorite part of math for Penley is to glue the answers on the page!

It’s Monday March 30th! Here is what we did over the last couple days… a bunch of school books because well right now I am a stay at home, small business owner, chef, and school teacher all wrapped up into one!

Paisley loves all school work… ALL OF IT… no lie!

I have enjoyed having my kids around 24/7 for the last 3 weeks. We are making the best of it at our house. How about you guys what have y’all been doing? If you are anything like our family you have played 200 plus rounds of Monopoly. It is a fun game for sure and my kids love it.

Monopoly Junior is a piece of cake for Paisley and Penley… maybe too easy for Paisley but Penley just turned 5 so I am not sure she is ready for the grown up version… thoughts?

I have been cooking recipes that have been saved into my Pinterest board for the last year that I thought I would never get around to cooking… but here we are 3 weeks in and we have tried something different every single night. I have to say I am quite the chef now… check these out…

Creamy Steak Fettuccine!
Peanut Butter Bundt Cake – Mix and Match Mama

Remember I said small business… well I still have to make sure my hairbow company keeps shipping out! I loved working on these orders over this last week. The Watermelon hairbow is one of my all time favorites.

These Small Grosgrains are great colors for Spring! Aqua, Strawberry Punch, Pink, Orchid and Ivory.

We had a lot of fun doing water ballons over the weekend. We also went for a multiple walks to the nature park just down the street from us this weekend. The girls both packed their own backpacks full of water and snacks… just in case you know they got hungry. Guess which one of them ate and walked…. yup, if you said Penley you are right!

After our walk on Sunday we had a picnic behind our pool. Who would have guessed that Penley wanted Ramen Noodles at a picnic!? This five year old cracks me up. It looks like many more picnics are in our near future.

Beef Brisket – It has a video which I love a good easy cooking video!

This was our dinner on Sunday night. Did you know most nights I take a photo of what we eat and I put them in my Instagram Stories!? Click Here to see my Instagram!

I hope you all have a happy Monday. Off to make some bows and teach these kids!!! Love you all.

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