Over the Weekend

Over the weekend the girls got to have a spa day. I pampered them as if they were at a fancy get away trip! First I gave them a long bubble bath and really treated their hair. They had so much fun in the tub and I even put on spa music. It was seriously so relaxing.

The girls didn’t know what I had planned for them up until moments before. They were thrilled! It had been a while since they had been to the nail salon so it was much needed.

Penley always picks 5 colors.

I set the colors out and prepared while they were playing in the tub.

Next it was time to wash their feet, cut their toenails and do a little mani and pedicure! Along with a grown up mask from Tula!

Left hand and foot are Penley and right is Paisley.

Lunch was easy! Pizza for the girls and I had a spinach wrap chicken sandwich! Sooo good!

Everyday is a good day to cuddle with Harper Doodle!
We colored a lot on this paper I got when I went to Calloways!

I had to get a lemon and lime tree I just had too! We have had a lemon tree in the past and I loved it. My little family consumes so many lemon and limes in our water everyday I thought yes we need these little trees!

I also grabbed these flowers for my front porch. Not really sure if many people will see them with everything that is going on in the world but you know what… it made me happy to grab them and put them on my front step.

Penley tried so hard to learn how to jump rope. Paisley and I decided we will work with her a little more! I took videos but apparently I didn’t have the photo the right direction to post on here. If you want to check those our you will have to go to my instagram.

They both had a lot of fun outside when it wasn’t raining here in Texas. Hope you all had a wonderful time with your kiddos this weekend. For most of you today means… homeschooling again. I’m with ya on it. I’ll make sure I take photos and keep up to date with you. I would love to see what all you are doing at home this week. Make sure to tag us #onestopbowshop @onestopbowshop

Will you make your kids get dressed to do homeschool? Will you stick to a schedule? Will you say no way I am not teaching my kids? Let me know! Happy Monday!

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