Tuesday Talk

Well Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you on this edition of Tuesday Talk. Today only we have FREE SHIPPING on the site when you enter code: pinch

Clover Hairbow – Prepare for next year if you didn’t already grab this one.

Paisley is such a great student she loves to do her vision therapy homework everyday. It has been a tough almost 20 weeks of exercises and homework but there has been so much progress along the way. Paisley is determined to get through it and she actually enjoys the extra work. If you are wondering why it is so tough it is because both her eyes work individually and with that comes double vision. So we are training her eyes to work together and building muscles that didn’t even know they existed. This makes her tired, emotional, gives headaches and mood swings (probably just preparing me for her being a teenager). She is doing amazing and we are so proud of her hard work.

Yes, my kids are in the same pjs they wore all day yesterday…

I am so grateful for my kids having each other. Especially now when Paisley is out of school for who really knows how long. How sweet is it that they are playing Monopoly together without me even saying go play. I love when they love each other.

Working from home!

I love working from home. I am able to get behind my computer when I know my kids are busy and really zone in on what I am supposed to do. Get in the groove of it all. When I am at the office with my staff I get distracted with picture taking and talking about what sold and all the important office day to day things. Obviously these are both important… so I try to do a healthy balance of both. For today I will work from home.

Tape Measurement Sizes

One of the big things I have been working on is adding tape measure sizes to each category so that you can see approximately how big a bow is! Super helpful.

Yesterday I worked super hard to get these Grosgrain Stack Hairbows listed by color. Head to the site and check them out. It’s beautiful to scroll through the pages of 98 color options! Well that is all for now… like I said I have to do some work from home so wish me luck.

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