Monday Madness

Well as everyone knows the schools are extending their spring breaks to try to prevent the spreading of this crazy virus that is currently uncontrollable. I pray for you mamas everyday. Many of you work and will have to make tough decisions about what to do with the kids. Do you leave them at home? Take a week off work? Leave with friends? It’s a rough time right now. Please be praying for our country as it feels it is falling apart.

Crazy how empty all the grocery shelves are.
I went to 4 stores over the last 2 weeks and this is how they all looked.

It’s scary to walk in grocery stores and see shelves and shelves gone. I know in my lifetime I have never seen anything like this at the store. As our country tries to stop the spread of this virus try to remember to love on your family and friends. Be there for each other. It is as simple as if you are at store and you know your friend or family member needs something go ahead and pick it up for them. Go that extra mile for them.

Paisley loves making SLIME and she loves making all the colors. We use paint instead of food coloring like a lot of people say to do.
Penley cracks me up. She has matching PJ’s that we set together in her drawers. She NEVER wears the matches though. She says it looks better mixed up!

Over the long weekend my kids got excited because they made slime and honestly the only time we were out of our PJ’s was to be in our swimsuits! I know slime is messy and a lot of moms hate it. I think I say it almost every time my kids make it (until this weekend – I told my kids from now on you have to get it all out on your own and pick it all up on your own… y’all are big kids now if y’all can’t do that then there is no slime). I mean they are only going to be little once, I want them to have fun and obviously be responsible so I put two and two together! You have one time of your kids being little guys! Enjoy every second of it. Even if it’s messy, hard, tough and stressful. We aren’t promised tomorrow. None of us. Love on your kids more than ever make sure they know and remember when they were little my parents loved on me!

Now, as my kids worked on their slime this is what I did! I have been working behind the scenes of the website. My staff and I have been trying to get y’all great photos of all the styles and getting them on the website along with all of our social platforms too. It is tough work and takes a long time. It is going to be well worth it for you all though.

There is something magically about seeing the actual bow made in the color you want. These Grosgrain Stacks will start being uploaded today. I love love love this style.

Now that I have shared a little about this crazy Monday and what I have been working on the site its time for me to get ready and head to work to check in on the staff that is making your orders to ship out! Have a happy Monday guys. Love you all.

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