Tutorial Thursday

Let’s start with separating the hair with half up and half down and pigtails on sides. We will get into all the details in next couple photos.

Next divide the half up and half down into three or four small ponytails. This will all depend on how much hair your daughter has. Penley has a lot of hair but it is thin.

We were able to divide her hair into four small pigtails. Go ahead and make both sides of pigtails pretty… After that you are going to half each of those small ponytails. Now here is the trick to making them stay pretty… don’t try to put the half ponytails into the rubberband that is already there… use a second band to put them into the pigtail (no one will every know)!

Here is the completed look!!! Adorable right!?

Absolutely adorable Penley loves it too! Yes, she is still wearing Valentines Shirts 🤦🏽‍♀️ not sure why we are almost to St Patrick’s day. By the way did you see our new St Patrick’s Day bow!?!

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