Tuesday Talk

Today these pretty new prints hit the site! We couldn’t be more excited to have them online! Did you know that these prints are not only just pretty but they also match your favorite two clothing brands? That is right these coordinate with Matilda Jane Clothing and also Wildflowers Clothing. If you don’t yet purchase those brands that is totally fine… these bows are cute regardless if you have the clothing or not! My favorite is the Tulip bow. All these flowery bows scream Spring and Summer to me. Right now we are on our Spring Break for school and I have the itch… you know the one I am talking about… the same one your kiddos have right now. The I Can’t Wait Until Summer Is Here Itch!

Satin Stack

Remember yesterday I told you we were hard at work on updating photos on the website so you can see each color made into hairbows!? Well we are still moving and grooving on that one and we have already made our way through several styles! I personally thought that we should start with the Dressy Styles. I say that because well… Easter and Mother’s Day is coming. We want our little girls to look super cute that day. For many of us that means they will be in a dress.

Grosgrain Classics

These little Grosgrain Classics are adorable on. The difference between the Grosgrain and the Grosgrain Classics is just the middle piece… one has a knot and one has a flat middle. The Classic if you ask me is a sweet look.

We have had so many orders for these Bunny Ears You hairbow. It is pretty adorable. Last year we had it in a Bow Box and we decided to launch it. Half of the time the print that is in The Bow Box is a limited edition print meaning you can’t order it separate – kind of like in this months box. The Giraffe print is super cute and it makes me want to take my kids to the Zoo! Speaking of kids… I am going to go play with mine. Go enjoy your day too!

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