Monday Maddness

Mondays- I have told y’all before they are my craziest day of the week. It’s Paisleys Spring Break at school on top of that. I love the little extra time I get to spend with her during the breaks. I miss her being a little girl. 9 years old is so big. When my girls are with me they know they might have to go into the office or one of our two locations. They don’t mind going and doing! They always find something to do or pick up or want to buy. Today we ran up to our Gracie Lane Location in Arlington Texas. I picked up a few things we needed and then Paisley, Penley and I went back to the shop. Paisley made herself 2 bows! She said one day she wants to be the boss!

See the bows she made! They are in her hair now. Yes, we are doing vision therapy today so we can have our weekend open for basketball and volleyball!

More prints are coming to the Gracie Lane location, we just made room for them. Speaking of new prints check these out… these are coming to the site and both The Painted Tree and Gracie Lane!

Lovely New Prints!

Yes, you might notice these match Matilda Jane Clothing and also Wildflowers Clothing!! Even if you don’t purchase those brand of clothing you still will need these bows because they are beautiful!

I’m super excited about these new prints and another thing I am excited for is we started labeling all the colors on bows on the website. This will take some more time but I’ll show you want I mean! We have lots of these already listed but the goal is to get them all done… then after all the hairbows are done we will start working on the headbands too.

Glitter Grosgrain
Satin Sheer Stack

We have been super busy but love you seeing the exact product made instead of picking from a tiny little color chart! Hope you guys love it too! Madness Monday post done! Better late than never right!!!

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