Friday Favorites

My favorite bow this week is the Glow In The Dark one! I mean what little girl wouldn’t like this bow!? It comes in 4 great colors!

Watch a see!

How fun and exciting is it to have something that glows. It’s pretty special because to a kid it feels like Magic! Lighten up her day and order one of these new Bows!

These bows are my second favorite this week!

So, when the second Frozen movie came out I didn’t get to see it. Penley was invited to a birthday party to see it and Brandon took her. I was sad because I wanted to see it but I made a commitment with Paisley my oldest to go to vision therapy that day which I guess is a little more important!! Anyways we finally bought Frozen 2 a couple nights ago and watched it as a family and oh my goodness it was so funny… Paisley who didn’t want to watch it loved it (I think originally she thought since she is now 9 she is too big for it)… since then my kids have watch it at least 7 more times – please don’t judge! So yes these bows have to be one of my favorites.

Make sure you checkout those bows for dress up, costumes and day to day apparel! Now I’m off to take my little dog Bubbles to the groomer. Second day in a row I’ll be up there… maybe I should have booked Harper and Bubbles on sale day! Have a wonderful weekend sweet followers!

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