Teach Ya Thursday

Show and Tell – Grosgrain Sizes

Welcome back to another day of what’s going on over at One Stop Bow Shop! Well this week we have that free St Patrick’s Day bow everyone is raving about… see photo below.

There it is… The Lucky Charm bow. It’s free until the 6th… with any order placed. No one wants your little being pinched so hurry and place an order. No coupon code is needed. We will put the free hairbow in your box at time of shipping!
New Print!!!

That’s right we have a new print on the website! Pretty much every order this week has snatched up this Spring Ombre hairbow! Yes since this is a teaching kind of Thursday I do want to point out we do have some pretty simple Bowholders for organizing your bows… see they just slide right on!

Crates for organizing!

Have you ever thought of just heading to your nearest Micheal’s and grabbing some crates!? What we did was grabbed that trendy chalk paint and Paisley and Penley got to paint every square inch of the crates inside and out! They had so much fun doing it. I suggest making sure you put down a table cloth you don’t care about… we have a special table cloth we pull out for “painted projects”.

Organize by color!

Obviously if you are going to take the time to paint the crates make sure you take the time to organize your hairbows too… by color is always a good start.

Leopard has been a trend if you haven’t noticed shame on you!!!
Hardware Types

If you are new to hairbows you will need to know the basics. Here is a photo of an alligator slide and barrette. You will need to pick between these. Slides are the most common sold but barrettes are good too, especially if your little wears a lot of ponytails or likes to get to take out their hairbow! Alligator Slides are awesome because you can stack bows together to customize your own look.

Slide under knot of bigger bow…
There you have it a Large Spring Ombre ontop of. Jumbo Grosgrain!

Hope you enjoyed seeing a few bows and a little organizing ideas. Now I have to go take Harper to the groomer and Paisley to school!!!

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