Monday Funday

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. We sure did in our house. We were super busy doing all the things… Stocking and Reorganizing one of our locations (The Painted Tree), Volleyball Games, Vision Therapy, Birthday Party, Church and I even made time to clean our my freezer. I know I was on a mission to get things done! Now for today… I love Mondays. Some people think oh no not another Monday. I have to say it is my most productive day of the week… in all areas of my life! If I or one of my kids ever get sick on a Monday you better watch out because the rest of my week is utter chaos trying to catch up.

Last Friday I got this photo in a Direct Message from a customer. The customer messaged me and said thank you so much for making an amazing hairbow. My daughter is on a dance team and the bow that they ordered for the dance recital was awful so I knew I had to order a One Stop Bow Shop hairbow to go with the outfit instead. She went as far as saying she wouldn’t put that other hairbow on her head! So I wanted to show you the photo she sent over to me. I have to agree with the customer we make an amazing product and you really do get what you pay for.

Did you know that One Stop Bow Shop GIVES AWAY FREE HAIRBOWS…. Like A LOT! Yes, we find it to be really fun for our customers to get something free. Right now we are passing out this Lucky Charm bow for free but only until March 6th so you better hurry if you want one. It is a size Large if you were wondering. It will go perfectly for the next holiday on the calendar too. ST PATRICK’S DAY! We typically pass out Large hairbows for free because it is one of our most popular sizes. It works for so many ages and hairstyles. If you feel it is a little too small for you I suggest you take a larger bow and piggyback it like we showed you on Friday with the Minnie Mouse bow!

Remember… just like this!
I love this hairstyle and the best part is that it was so easy to do!

Well… it is Monday like I said before and since it is my most productive day of the week I have to go workout and get these kidddos to school if I want to get anything else done today for work or mom life. Make sure you head straight to the website and grab something so you can get that free hairbow. Also make sure you sign up for our emails I would hate for you to miss out on coupons.

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