Friday Favs

As you know Grosgrain hairbows are our #1 selling item for One Stop Bow Shop. I think it is because solid bows are just easy to pair with anything. This week my favorite color is Banana. This bow color always matches Matilda Jane Clothing and Wildflowers Clothing too! It is the perfect color for Spring and on top of all that it has a fun name!

Since St Patrick’s Day is coming I have to pick out a few of my favorite hairbows for this upcoming holiday. I really like the Clovers All Over the best! That is the one with the Hot Pink and Clovers together in the very front and also the ribbon roll inside the box! I grabbed a few more practical bows too because most people would like to use the bows year round and not just on the day. If that is you then my favorite is the Emerald Gingham hairbow because I would hold onto it and remember to use it for Christmas too!

This next ribbon is super new to One Stop Bow Shop but I love it so much already. It screams springtime and it is those fun Matilda Jane colors. I love the little Chickens and Rabbits mixed in with the flowers… it is just a very sweet bow! Springtime Chick is the perfect name for this bow don’t you think!?

Let me just tell you this quick story just so you know how much effort goes into picking ribbons… I have been searching and searching for new prints for Easter since October of 2019… I have to be honest… it was super hard to find new fun prints this year but after hours of searching around I did it. We call this bow the Bunny Buddies… I think it is super adorable and great for Spring and also Easter!

My last pick this week is two bows that you can make into one! I feel a little learning is coming your way. I am totally about to teach you something new!!! Our hairbows are stackable! Did I just blow your mind. If so I probably just opened up a can of worms for your wardrobe this spring. Many many of my customers go to Disneyland and Disney World… this one is for you or if your little just loves Minnie Mouse this one is also for you.

Below is a Jumbo Grosgrain in Black with our Made to Match Minnie hairbow in size Large. Isn’t that the neatest thing to stack these bows. I think it is great because 2 bows just turned into 1. The best part is that you don’t have to wear the hairbows like this you can totally wear them individually too. I love the versatility and I promise you will too!

Well now you have seen my top picks for Friday Favs. I hope you enjoyed them. I will see you back Monday… I think some Spring cleaning might be happening at our house. I’ll make sure to update you on it Monday morning!

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