Tutorial Thursday!

Well we made it to Thursday and I am super excited to show you 3 new ways to do your kiddos hair. Enjoy all three by video just by pushing the play button!

I have always been a fan of good pigtails. Up until this last week I had never even thought to do a Fishtail Braid on a Pigtail. I am not sure why I have never really thought about it… I am sure plenty of people have been doing this already… BUT… just in case you are like me and you just hadn’t thought about it here you go.

Penley has on Blue Tuxedo Pigtails in this video.

This next video is just a fun way to dress up a ponytail for any age. Add a half up down look then and a braid to it then put it in a ponytail and a big bow and well then you are done! This style only takes 3 minutes tops. If you are tired of letting your daughter wear the basic ponytail everyday then try this one out!

In this video Penley is wearing a Aqua Jumbo Grosgrain hairbow.

My oldest daughter Paisley is super into sports right now which means she pretty much only leaves the house in a ponytail. She loves a ponytail and well I am just tired of it looking like she didn’t really attempt to do her hair. So we are going to start showing short hair ponytails to you because seriously ponytails can be fun too! This one has a twist from both sides.

In this video Paisley has on a Black Small Tuxedo hairbow.

Hopefully these three little short videos will help you come up with something new and exciting for your little girl this next week. Make sure you show us photos when you do a fun new hairstyle by using our hashtag #onestopbowshop

See you back tomorrow for a couple of my favorite hairbows this week!

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