Tuesday Talk

One Stop Bow Shop loves when we get new prints in stock. We have the largest variety of prints all over the internet that are handmade in America! We categorize them on the website into two areas… Trendy Prints (that is where they go if we are going to have them around for a while) and then we have the Limited Stock Prints (obviously this means we won’t have them around forever and once that ribbon is gone we will likely not restock it).

Order online pick up in store!

One Stop Bow Shop is more than just an online hairbow company. Did you know we have 2 shop locations? That is right we are in two collection of shops. One is in Mansfield TX and the other is in Arlington TX! So if you are local to the DFW area and want to come see tons of hairbows in person… come on down! If you don’t live close that is okay we have everyone online for you ready to shop!

Order online pick up in store!

If you haven’t heard about The Bow Box you are missing out. Let me just tell you a little about it really quick. The Bow Box is a Monthly item we do. Each month we release 5 bows at a great price. We offer this box in two options… The Original Box (it is a mix of sizes from Small to Jumbo) and The Bigger Box (it is a mix of sizes from Xlarge to Xlarge Jumbo). This is the March Bow Box – it ships on March 2nd. You can still sign up for February Bow Box or you can jump right on into March! When you subscribe to The Bow Box you get a FREE Bowholder too. When you are ready to be done canceling is easy also. All you have to do is email us 7 days prior to the next box coming out letting us know it is time for you to take a break!

Last week I showed you a cute little braid I did in Penley’s hair – today I want to show you how you can take that same base braid and make it more elaborate!

Super cute idea for you to try out!

I hope you have a fabulous Tuesday. I’m off to take care of my sweet Penley… we just can’t stay healthy at our house lately.

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