It’s Monday Mama!

I’m going to start with a complete side note because I am going to need some prayers this Monday and well all week… I have decided to try to have only Decaf Coffee. I know it is so sad! If you know me at all THIS IS GOING TO BE TOUGH. However all my muscles in my back and around my spine and shoulders are super tight no matter how much water I take into my body or stretching I do.
It was suggested to me to take caffeine out of my life for a bit and see if it helps.

That’s right… it’s Monday! You made it through the weekend. No matter how tough or easy your weekend was I hope you know today is a new day. Make the best of it… we don’t get to know how many Mondays we have left or how many days we have left for that matter. Hug those little kids of yours this morning extra tight before you all go on your separate ways. .

I have a coupon code for you… it is only good until Friday so act quick. These two printed hairbows below are on sale! You might need them because well… Easter is coming and it is smart to order now and be prepared

Did you know we have 9 great sizes of our MOST POPULAR hairbow? We absolutely do and that means we have the perfect size for you. This next part I am a little unsure to tell you but guys I tried my best for a video to show you them in person. I promise to work on my hair tutorials and learning product tutorials. When you guys said you wanted more videos I am giving it my efforts PROMISE! Here is the link to see it! You can also watch it on our YouTube Channel. Watch them and then tell me your thoughts. You can send me an email or direct message me on social or leave a comment on website or youtube channel!

This is the last week for the Mystery Spring Boxes! I’ve had a lot of people asking what is inside the box. Well friends, it is a Mystery! I will say though the photo above is a great idea of what will be coming to your door. Plus each box is over a $50 value. The best part is it is only $15!!! You get 9 bows for $15 that is almost crazy… actually no it is crazy. I hope I just made your Monday better.

You know we started a Gallery on our blog for you to see real life bowheads and to shop their looks. If you want to see your kiddo featured over there in the gallery get social with us by tagging us on Instagram #onestopbowshop If you are at all like me it is always nice to see photos of products on rather than a flat lay of an item. Plus we would love to see photos of our sweet customers.

Have you done your spring cleaning and hairbow organizing yet? We just did at our house. If you haven’t done it yet it sure feels good to get organized. My sweet friend makes amazing bowholders if you need something to get started. Hop on over to her Etsy or Instagram and check her out. I promise you will want at least one thing Jan has to offer!

That is all I got for you today! I hope your Monday is fabulous and I’ll meet you back here for some Tuesday Talk…

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