Fri Yay Favs

Alright Alright Alright! It is Friday. That is what I have been told anyways. It has been one of those weeks where everything blended into each other. Today I want to show you a few of my personal favorite hairbows at The Bow Shop right now. *PS thank you to all of my sweet bowheads for allowing me to use these photos! If you are interested in being featured on my blog, website or social media accounts make sure you TAG & HASHTAG US @onestopbowshop and #onestopbowshop

Glitter Grosgrains!

Yes, the Glitter Grosgrain sparkles and we have so many beautiful colors. This bow is a go to for me because the way it shines you can’t help but be in a good mood all day long! Everyone always ask does the glitter fall off the bow. No it actually doesn’t… which is so awesome. This bow is fragile though so when you are putting it away for the day make sure you do not set other heavy items on top of it.

Grosgrain Stack

I am a sucker for a Jumbo Grosgrain Stack! Our most popular colors in this style are: Red, White and Hot Pink! I love how fluffy this particular size hairbow is. It is big yes but not too big even for this little one.

Leopard print has been my FAVORITE of ALL the possible prints since I was like in 3rd grade. I am sooo glad it is a current trend. Thank you to these two little bowheads for watching my Instagram Stories last night when I was freaking out about not having a photo of anyone in one when we have sold over 200 of them recently. Guys… it is time to get social with us. I know you love our bows. We love you. Take photos of your kiddos and share them with us by using that hashtag #onestopbowshop All these handmade hairbows want to be showcased! If hairbows could talk that is what they would say!!

The Tuxedo style hairbow is one of my favorites for a small size bow and we love wearing them with pigtails. My sweet little friend @breannebarry has them on the end of her braids in above photo! This style bow is a quick easy on the go also – in a hurry just slide it on your daughters head right next to her bangs and go!

Moss Grosgrain Hairbow!

Ahhh this color… this color right here is one of my favorites… on every color hair and all skin tones. It is beautiful. This Moss Grosgrain hairbow is my FAVORITE color right now. I do love Mustard a lot too but Moss is the winner. I will tell you this… I love to put my kids in out of season hairbow colors… meaning that if it is Summer my kids might be in those Fall colors and if it is Winter my kids will likely have on Pastel hairbows. I just like to be different and I really like it when things stand out and POP.

This look!!! Love this look for anyone over 3 years old! It screams I am a little girl but want to be older or look more grown up! So the scoop on this headband and bow… let me tell you how you can get your bang for your buck. You can 1. purchase the band all together as one piece or 2. Purchase the band separate and the bow separate then just slide them together like the Slate Grey one above and you have your headband for the day. Then you can wear the bow a day you don’t want the band on! Well… actually there is a total of 3 ways to wear it- Band by itself, Bow by itself or put the bow on the band!

Well… there you have it – those are my current favorite hairbow pieces that we have to offer over at One Stop Bow Shop I really hope you are enjoying the new blog! See you back here Monday!

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