Tutorial Thursday

Can it really already be Thursday? It is crazy for real. I guess with the kids having off on Monday because of Presidents Day the week is flying by a little faster. If I am being completely honest with you I don’t keep up with “days” of the week like I use to. I associate the day with the task I have on hand. I am sure you are the same way if you really sit back and think about it. I break it down into two categories 1. Do the kids have school today 2. Is it the weekend

Either way I am taking them somewhere each day it is just a matter of where, when and what time. I am preaching to the choir I know. All I am trying to say is I am there with you girlfriend! Then the days that you think you are going to get it all done on your list something happens like a kid gets sick (that happened today actually, like 3 hours ago when I was supposed to be writing this blog post). So my blog post is 5 hours late… you don’t mind do you!?

Paisley decided to be sick today. Got medicine, not contagious – don’t judge me for taking her out to lunch at
Hat Creek on way home I was very hungry and so was she.
Now you can judge me… Yes, I ordered the Sombrero and YES I ate it all… but I did get the sweet potato fries!

If you are wondering where is Penley? Well she goes to Bible Study on Thursdays. Listen I didn’t even have time to comb her hair. Go ahead judge judge judge me…. but if you aren’t judging me let me show you how to make unbrushed hair cute! All in under 1 minute.

Now! for some video tutorials… I have 2 for you today. If you like them make sure you subscribe to our YouTube Channel so you don’t miss out!!

Watch this video!
Let us show you how to add a twist!

Those videos were cute right. I would love to hear back from you and know what else you want to see. I have one more thing to show you for today! Here are 2 ways to wear this next style. I really like being able to have multiple endings don’t you!?

Now if you will excuse me for being so short today, I have need to go cuddle with Paisley. Meet me back here tomorrow for some of my favorite bows!

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