A Look Inside The Most Popular Bow Box

Morning friends! I wanted to take a moment and make sure you know about our Bow Box. Many people ask about this box and want to learn more on how to get 5 bows a month for one low cost of only $20! Alright let me break it down for you. My staff and I pick 5 bows to send each month. This does take a lot of planning on our end because we don’t want you to end up with the same colors, sizes or styles over time. Many of our subscribers have been with us well over 18 months… I think because it is such a good deal and many people love the surprise of not know what is coming but they do know it is something good.

Let me tell you a little about what is in each box hairbow wise! We pick 2 casual hairbows, 2 dressy hairbows and 1 fun print. Let me break it down a litter more for you… the casual bows are always made out of grosgrain ribbon – they could be Grosgrain, Grosgrain Classic, Tuxedo. Grosgrain Stack or even a Boutique style. The dressy bows may be any of these styles: Satin, Sheer, Glitter Grosgrain, Metallic, Burlap, New Fabrics or a Ruffle bow style. Take a quick second and look at all of our styles on the website because those are the ones that may just show up at your door (casual dressy). Did you know that you get a Free Bowholder when you subscribe right now!?

Now what about sizes? Many people ask this… in order to keep The Bow Box at such a good deal we have broken it down into 2 options for you. You can pick from our Original Bow Box (we started this in 2017) or you can pick our Bigger Bow Box (added this in 2019). Let me go one step further… The Boxes are a mix of sizes – you will not get to pick for instance all larges as an option… like I said we have to keep our boxes the same so we can offer it at such a BARGAIN! Each month you will get a mix of sizes which is fun really. Inside The Original Box (Small – Jumbo) Inside The Bigger Box (Xlarge – Xlarge Jumbo). If you have a baby or a little girl who likes or needs headbands… that is an add on option. You get to pick if you want the bows attached or separate… my vote is separate so you have the bow as an option without the band!

The Original Box

The Bigger Box

Now one thing I didn’t mention yet that is pretty awesome… when you subscribe to The Bow Box it ships FREE each month. So not only is it only $20 it comes with Free Shipping… oh and I almost forgot to mention – this makes you a VIP customer which means you will get RANDOM coupons with your Bow Box and be watching for SPECIAL emails for members too! Ready to sign up? The Bow Box can be cancelled at any time – we do require a 7 day notice for cancellations and it is easy to cancel you just email us that you need to cancel with your first and last name we will then confirm with you it is cancelled! If you aren’t ready to subscribe you can still order one box at a time – just click 1 month only! The February Box will be gone on February 29th – if you are interested in this box now is the time before March comes on in… March Box will ship out on March 2nd (only because March 1st is a Sunday).

Well that is a little into the best Bow Box on the market! If you have more questions you can head to the website or email us! Now, I am off to Yoga because I played too hard in my Volleyball game last night and I need to stretch out.

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