Tuesday Talk

Tuesdays… I love a good Tuesday… my Mondays are just jammed packed like everyone else out there I am sure of it. Since The Bow Shop office is closed over the weekend (for manufacturing online orders, (we are always playing catch up from Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday orders) don’t worry Gracie Lane Collection and Painted Tree locations you can shop in person on the weekends. On top of that I coach my oldest daughter in Volleyball and practice is Monday at 5! Mondays are crazy… but I love Mondays too. After our practices I always come home and cook. Did you know that each week I put what I am cooking on a Pinterest Board (Find it here)… most nights I show it on my Instagram Stories… I love to cook and bake… there is something about being in the kitchen that I love! Last night was the strangest thing – I was cracking open an egg because I needed it for Empanadas and 2 YOLKS came out. It was crazy I thought – I immediately asked my Instagram family- hey is this okay… Come to find out it is good fortune to have two yolks come out!

Tuesdays are a little less stressful! Everything at The Bow Shop is under control and we know what we need to get done for the week. Since today is Tuesday Talk I wanted to make sure you know that The Bow Shop has 98 colors of Grosgrain hairbows… Yes, 98 but I do have some sad news… Orchid is being discontinued… not because we don’t love it but because the manufacture of the ribbon decided it is too close to Light Orchid. What I am trying to tell you is this… If you want Orchid in your wardrobe of colors of hairbows you better order it before it is all gone! If you buy Matilda Jane Clothing or Wildflowers Clothing this bow color is a must for any little girl!

Many of my sweet internet friends have asked how do I organize my hairbows… well the answer is SO MANY WAYS…let me show you how our Grosgrain Large Hairbows are displayed inside Penley’s room. All I did to organize these hairbows was get an over the door hanger (click here to buy the same one) and hook the bowholders we offer to it. Now I didn’t have enough bowholders so this is where I got creative… I used both sides of the ribbon! Yes, the front of the bowholder and the back of the bowholder… smart right!? Also one reason I like the over the door hanger was because this one has deep hooks so it means you could totally hang two or three bow holders from each peg that sticks out. I would love for you to leave me a comment on how you organize your hairbows at home!

Large Pink Grosgrain Hairbows being used for Pigtails!

Now… I would love to stay and chat with you all morning but I have to go to the doctor in Southlake today. Wish me luck… the Urologist isn’t always fun but girls sometimes we gotta do what we gotta do right!? Then tonight I am off to play an Adult Volleyball game with my Sister and Husband… it is so much fun to play with them and our friends from church too!

Every Girl Loves Pigtails

Pigtails! I love a good pigtail because they are so cute on and they are an easy hairdo to do. Really think about it for a second… pigtails make your kiddo look so young and cute… along with giving a little sassy-ness to any girl! Most of the time my youngest Penley wears hers in the regular high pigtail style partly because her hair is so long. My oldest Paisley typically wears them a little lower because she just cut 8 inches off her hair. I would love to hear back which style you put your daughter in at bottom of blog!

Everyone always assumes since I have a hairbow company my kids are always in a bow… well they use to be until… well they started getting an opinion! YES, I said it sometimes my own kids don’t wear hairbows. I get the struggle that EVERY mom goes through… sometimes I fight with the girls about it, sometimes I don’t care and sometimes I tell them YOU’RE GOING TO WEAR THIS BOW – TOUGH! In all seriousness most of the time they wear one but sometimes they like to go with out it and I am not going to be the one to tell them they can’t have an opinion because lets face it… ultimately we want our kids to feel heard and understood.

So back to the pigtails and how cute they are… there are so many ways to style them. Here is a quick video on how to do a cute twist or even braid into your pigtails. It is SO EASY and it really does dress up the look of pigtails.

This past weekend was the Daddy Daughter Dance at Paisleys school… as many of you already know Paisley use to be a GIRLY GIRL like for real… she is now a Tomboy which is totally fine by me. Occasionally she will wear a dress. This year it was so cute because she got super excited about the dance and wanted to pick an extra special dress out and I was like what did you say… a dress… are you sure?

Paisley and Brandon heading out to the Daddy Daughter Dance!

The funny thing is I told her okay I will buy you a dress but you have to promise to wear it to the dance. I gave her my phone and she looked at Dillards online. Paisley then proceeded to put in the cart 72 dresses. Yes I said 72. She came to me showed me and after 4 days of narrowing them down she ordered 3 dresses in hopes that one would be perfect for her special night. She promised me she would wear the other two to church. So far she has worn 2 of the 3 dresses and I am just not sure if that 3rd will get worn but I promise to keep you posted on that!

Paisleys hair for the dance was perfect.
In her hair is Large Grosgrain Hairbows

This style is so easy to do! Let me just break it down for you really fast.

  1. Part all the hair down the middle
  2. Section off the top half into half up half down pigtails
  3. Braid each of the pigtails
  4. Cross them to opposite side and throw them into a low pigtail
  5. Repeat for other pigtail side
  6. Done!

So see… pigtails can be easy and fun and different all at the same time. More styles will be floating over here soon. Paisley, Penley and I can’t wait to show you.

See.. pigtails are fun – for any age! I feel way more youthful today. It may have even taken 5 years off my age and attitude.

The Time Is Now

It is about time… I am doing it! There is NO going back now. By POPULAR demand my customers have been wanting a BLOG for a while…y’all have been leaving comments saying we want to learn more about products and stay in the know about what is going on with The Bow Shop. At first I said nooo way I have tried it before and failed. Well this time I have the CONTENT! You have also asked me to TEACH YOU how to do HAIR STYLES and what bow sizes to pair with them. Well I am here for it!

  • Simple styles and some more complex styles.
  • video tutorials (some with audio some without)
  • Step by step photos on how to do hairstyles
  • Talk about The Bow Shop
  • Teach you about the best bows around, the One Stop Bow Shop hairbow!
  • Get Ideas On Organizing Your Hairbows
  • How to care for your hairbows

I have to say- now that I know what you want I am here to do it! A little bit of learning and a little bit into my life! For so long I didn’t know what I would talk about… but duh why didn’t I think about it before… who would have thought almost 10 years in and still trying to learn what my customers and followers want! The Bow Shop staff has always successfully provided you with amazing customer service but this right here is going to top it off in a way I would have never imagined.

Along the way of this fun little bow blog with hair tutorials and teaching you about my products I will also have personal information so you can get to know me more than what you see on social media! We all know that everyone loves a small business that really gets to know their shoppers… for a lot of you I feel like we are already friends who have never met but none the less I feel like I know you from following along on your own social media accounts that I may stalk 🙂

Meet my family! Penley 5 years old loves to dance Hip Hop, play sports and be silly all the time. Paisley 9 years old loves to dance Hip Hop, Volleyball, Basketball and she throws a mean spiral Football. Brandon my husband loves him some Golf and he is the most sarcastic person I have ever met.
Crazy to think I have almost been married to him for 13 years… and for me well, I will save that for along the way of the blog!