I made it to Friday! I’m super excited for this weekend… in case you didn’t know this was our first week back at school (virtual learning). We started Wednesday and I had to readjust my work day for my kiddos learning. Totally fine of course they come first. I have a great staff who can manage the office.

If you missed the Instagram Stories yesterday here are the orders that went out! So many of them. If you see something you like and need to know what it is send me an email to with a screen shot or you can totally do this on direct message on social media as well.

So many wonderful orders were shipped yesterday. I can’t wait to show you the orders today. We are doing a 2 part of virtual learning around our house. First half of the day is at home then second half is at the office! This gives me the ability to get some work done each day. So be watching on Instagram and Facebook Stories for about 30+ orders to ship! I can’t wait for you to share comments like these to me!

When you find your order it is totally fun to send me a message it makes my day!!! Love you guys so much you don’t even know. Head over and look around the site there are so many fun finds! Have a wonderful day. Love, Casey


Today we start VIRTUAL LEARNING. This has been the LONGEST Spring Break of my life. I am sure yours too! We had a wonderful time off but now it is time to get these kids back to a schedule and somewhat of a normal life again. My girls are dressed and ready to learn… when we go back in 3 weeks into the school I will make sure they have their bows and shoes on don’t you worry! For now though I am okay with them not wearing schools to my virtual class!

Paisley is already set up in her room at her desk and Penley is in her room too. Funny story about why Paisleys bed is not made… I was relaxing in it this morning before her school started so don’t judge Paisley… judge me haha.

Well the day started off a little rocky – Penley had an issue with the speakers working on the computer but I fixed it fast (had to do 3 troubleshoots but we got it going) Also if you noticed we realized that her chair isn’t tall enough for her desk! BIG pillows to hold her up. Looks like I will be running to At Home down the street this afternoon to get her a new chair! What a wonderful first day for her though – look at that smile she has. Her teacher is super sweet and this will be a great year for her.

Now that school is back it will be awesome but mama needs to get a new routine too… one that works well with being able to get my work done as well and manage my business and my time with girls school login and out for meetings – plus have to make sure I get a workout in every now and then so I can preform well for everyone. It will be an interesting 3 weeks. I am so grateful I have employees back at work to help me!

Today I am working from home making bows for the September Bow Box. It takes a full month of making ahead for the next month because there are so many members. So grateful. If you haven’t tried a bow box you should. There is no commitment but it is fun to get it monthly and I suggest it! A wonderful way to collect hairbows! Click this link to view the August Bow Box (it is still shipping out) there is still time for you to grab it!

Well with all this talk about the bow box it is probably a good idea for me to go ahead and start making them again! Have a wonderful day!



Another work day in the books… with a huge sale running at which means a busy busy work week. I am excited about this sale because we are giving you a free hairbow (as a surprise, we will pick the size based off your order). I mean with a free bow and 25% off right now you would be silly not to place an order by Weds at midnight.

I seriously love seeing photos of my customers! Did you know all you have to do to get just a little social with us is to post on Instagram and tag us @onestopbowshop

The photos show up on our customer tags area of Instagram and then a lot of times I put those into our stories! It is always fun for customers to see other customers wearing the bows. The only thing is if your account is set to private only we can see if so if you feel comfortable with it make your account public so everyone can see just how cute your little ones are!

Click here to visit out Instagram page to see all the photos people have posted.

Since I have a super busy day I have to get to it! Bye for now my sweet friends!

Love, Casey


I know it is Monday… it seems like I am always catching up on a Monday. Which is defiantly the case right now. As I sit here and input these photos and write these words I am telling myself… girl, you can only do what you can do. Thats why these photos were from Friday! So needless to say these bows are already on the way to lots of little girls who will really enjoy them. If you watch my Instagram Stories you have already seen them but if not I try to put all orders here too so you can see what’s selling. One day I will be able to type out what is in each order… today is not the day! Big LOL there because well I am still telling myself to have a little grace that I can’t magically do it all.

I know a lot of you are really enjoying watching the Instagram Stories (which you can also do on Facebook Stories as well) I will keep this up for sure. I get comments all the time that y’all are learning and loving seeing what others are ordering. I am glad it is something I started doing for y’all.

Today I have another full day of work. I have to make sure I stop by Paisley and Penley’s school to get their schedules and clock in times for the virtual learning (we start back up Wednesday, this has been the longest Spring Break of my life). I am excited to get them back on track and on a schedule and out of their PJS! Somewhere on this list I have to make sure we get the September Bow Box cut and start making it. I’ve never really told y’all this but it takes us about all month to make the next months boxes! It’s amazing and I feel very fortunate that we have so many subscribers that it takes as long as it does. A lot of planning goes into our Bow Boxes and it is a fun way to get 5 bows each month for one low cost! Did you know right now during my birthday sale you can save money even on The Bow Box (the first months box). It will come with a free bowholder and discount when you sign up! Make sure you use my birthday code: casey The code is good for 25% off everything (excluding the big bundle)…. a big discount and that ends on Wednesday so hurry and get to clicking to redeem codes from site!

As always I love our time together but I have to run if I am going to make time for my big to do list today! Love, Casey!

Wednesday Update!

Looks like people are loving the current sale we are having. 35% off limted stock bows. Guess what you don’t even need a coupon code for those. The discount is reflected in cart there are so many good finds. Sale ends Thursday at midnight. Click here to shop all 14 pages!

Today I’m working from the beach because I know I have a wonderful staff that can take care of One Stop Bow Shop for me! I love having great customers and wonderful employees- thank you to all of you!

Love, Casey!


Guess What!? The Ice Cream Bow is here, and in 2 color options! That is right. If you were looking for the perfect birthday bow… well One Stop Bow Shop has it! This bow comes in 2 great sizes: large and xlarge – Paisley is wearing the Xlarge size. She is 9 years old and she loves this bow.

We restocked The Painted Tree location! Doesn’t it look beautiful. If you are in the Mansfield TX area you have to check out our shop there. Did you know you can order online and we can drop off in store!?

Here are the latest orders being shipped out over the weekend! What pretty orders you guys have made. Did you know that you can follow these orders on IG Stories, and I go over what is in each order? It is a fun way to see what is selling and also see sizing and colors and for that matter styles!

Well August 1st was just Saturday and One Stop Bow Shop shipped out so many boxes. It was crazy- they barely fit in my car! I am so grateful to have so many customers who love getting a mix of 5 hairbows each month. If you haven’t heard of The Bow Box it is a fun way to get hairbows each month. You get 2 casual bows, 2 dressy bows and 1 fun print! Check it out… you get a free bowholder when you subscribe!

That is a lot to take in on a Monday morning! Now I must get to work but please stay social with us!

Love Always, Casey


The moment you have been waiting for… the Ice Cream Bow from the July Bow Box is being released to the site TOMORROW. Guess what we have a surprise for you too… a second color. Yes, that is right. Two color options. Which will you pick! We can’t wait to see.

Velvet Bows are no longer a pre-order. You can buy them and we can ship them out now! Look at all the beautiful colors that we have for you. Click here to purchase. Some of the colors even have a matching hard headband. We are super excited about this. If you don’t see the color headband you want please email me and request it. If I get enough request for a color I can totally add to the collection. These bows are going to be adorable for FALL and WINTER!

That is right more headband options are coming to you! This is going to include some very cute hard headbands and printed elastics that you can now purchase as an interchangeable, sport band or even a hairtie!

That is right. It is time for the AUGUST BOW BOX. You can sign up right now! The Original Box is only $20 and the Big Box is $40 – that is an amazing deal for 5 handmade One Stop Bow Shop hairbows! Did you know you can even add on headbands. Yes, there are 2 options for that. PLUS a free BOWHOLDER when you subscribe!

I am so glad I got to tell you a little more about what is going on over at I hope you have enjoyed it. Now I must go upload a few products, do videos on your orders (watch on IG Stories), and pack your boxes!

Love Always, Casey


I can’t believe it’s already Thursday! Today is the last day that these Burlap Bows will be 50% off! Need one!? Head to site! Enter code: burlaptime to get the deal!

Here are some of our most recent orders. All ordered this week and already shipped out!! We are fast over at Everything is made to order and we ship out within 1/4 business days!

August Box was revealed yesterday here’s a link to our live video! I’m going to be honest the phone call in middle distracted me! But Paisley and Penley were the perfect models.

New bows are coming all the time to @onestopbowshop make sure you follow all our social media outlets to keep up and sign up for emails– you won’t regret it! In our stories on IG I went over some new items coming soon go check that out ASAP!!! Also while you are in Instagram checkout the highlight section!

A ton of new bows are coming to the site. Paisley is showing off the Apple Moonstitch!

I love being able to serve you! I honestly love each and everyone of you even though we are mostly strangers from the internet- it really doesn’t feel that way with all the comments you send and now the video answers I can do! I love seeing your photos and love being social with ya!

Have a happy Thursday- new styles to site later today!

Hello Tuesday

Yay! One Stop Bow Shop did it! We found a print for you to color all over. This bow will be great for party favors, art projects, something fun to do on a raining day or the perfect gift! Click here to grab yours. All you have to do is use machine washable markers and get to work. You can either machine wash this or jump right into the swimming pool! What a fun idea you can do over and over again.

If you haven’t looked at the Corduroy bows it is time to do so. Get stocked up on them now because fall outfits will be needing them right away. These are super cute and very stylish.

Make sure you get to the website this week because we have Burlap bows at 1/2 off. This literally only happens once a year. It is time to grab a Burlap or two!

Be watching for your orders today on Instagram Stories. @onestopbowshop has so many shipping out. If you didn’t order but want to see what is selling or want to learn I encourage you to head on over!


Well, we made it through another week at One Stop Bow Shop and also another weekend at home and now it is back to it! The girls are modeling for you the Burlap style hairbow. This style is a great fall staple piece! Guess what!? This week they are 1/2 off. Code: burlaptime Click here to shop all styles of burlap! OSBS has so many new styles for you to see and we are releasing a ton coming up too! Stay up to date with everything Bow Shop by following us either on our Private Facebook Group or Instagram Stories

We love to see photos of your kids in our products. We have so much fun showing them off too. You can share on Instagram by using out hashtag #onestopbowshop and tagging us @onestopbowshop – Another great way to share is of course in our Private Facebook Group.

Here are several orders that came in last week. I go over each order we get in our Instagram and Facebook Stories! This is so fun for me to showcase. It lets you see how busy we are and it also lets you learn and see what other people are purchasing! If you forget to look you can always see them in our HIGHLIGHTS on Instagram Profile!